Psalm 103:1

Bless the LORD, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy Name. – Psalm 103:1 (NASB)

How can I bless the LORD? The LORD Almighty? All powerful He is. All sufficient He is. My LORD Jesus Christ does not depend on me for anything. And how can I bless Him? How can I bless the LORD who is the Only Source of all my blessings?

Let us say, there is a beggar. He has nothing in his life – no possessions, nothing that is of any value. He is hungry and needs some food. And, say, you do a favor to him. Now what will he do? He blesses you with all his heart. But is he really in a position to bless you? A beggar who received a favor from you blesses you. In practical terms, it means nothing. He is a beggar. He does not know where his next meal is going to come from. Yet, he blesses the person who just helped him. Why? It shows two things: 1. It shows his gratitude. It tells us that he is really thankful for the favor he received. And it tells us another thing. 2. That he knows his place. He is grateful and what do we do when we are really grateful? We try to return the favor in whatever way we can. If we have the money, power, strength and opportunity, we will repay the favor and show our gratitude. But, what if we don’t have any? Like that beggar? He knows that there is no way he can repay the favor he received. He knows his lowly place. So, he does the only thing that he can do. Bless you with all his heart. Whenever he thinks of you, he will remember you with fondness. Whenever this favor comes to his mind, he will bless you from deep within his soul.

In Psalm 103, king David asks his soul to bless the LORD; he commands his whole being to bless the holy Name of the LORD. He was a king. He was quite rich by the standards of those days. He was powerful and he had a strong following among his people. He could have showed his gratitude by many different ways. But he knew one thing. When compared to the riches of the LORD, David had nothing. And how could he compare his strength with the almighty power of the LORD of Hosts? So, David realized his humble position before the LORD and did the only thing that he could do – bless the LORD with all his heart.

O LORD, as I stand in Your mighty presence, I realize how unworthy I am for the love You have showered on me. In Your eternal grace, You gave Your only Son Jesus Christ for me. By His blood, You cleansed me of my sins. Because He became a curse for me, You blessed me. LORD, as I stand before Your holy presence, I shudder as the thoughts of my shortcomings come before my eyes. Yet, when You see me with those loving and forgiving eyes, I understand that You see me as someone who has been cleansed of his sins, someone who has become righteous, someone who is called to be a saint – all because of Your Son’s invaluable sacrifice at Calvary.

And, LORD, what can I do to show my gratitude? LORD, I will bless You with all my heart and all my might. O my soul, bless the LORD. All that is within me, bless His holy Name. LORD, please accept my blessings for this is all I can give You. Through Jesus Christ, my Savior and Your Son. Amen.


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