YHWH Shammah–2


YHWH Shammah – the LORD is there. Yes, the LORD is with us always. Though we believe this, there are times in our life, where we are very sure that the LORD will not be and cannot be with us. And we all have such moments – when we sin… how can the Most Holy God be with us, when we sin? At those moments, we are very sure that the LORD has left us.

I want to clarify two things before I go further. One, I am not saying that you can keep on sinning and the LORD will be always with you… no, sir, no Surprised smile. All I am saying is that when we fall, the LORD does not leave us nor forsake us, because it is during that time, we need Him more than ever. That’s why our LORD Jesus Christ said, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Mark 2:17 (NIV). So, the point I want to make is even when we fail, Jesus Christ does not fail us. Again, I am not saying that we can continue to sin. The second point I want to clarify is I am writing the testimony of someone I know very well. It may contain certain details that you may not like. But I think it is necessary those details are here, because it will help you in understanding the Name of our LORD, YHWH Shammah.

In Psalm 139:8, the Psalmist makes a claim. Even if I make my bed in the depths, my LORD, You are there with me. The Psalmist is not claiming that even if he is dead… he is talking about Sheol, the place where sinners reside. He is not talking about being tricked by others to sin… he says, even if I make my bed… that means, he knows that this is not the place to be… still he goes ahead and makes his bed… but the LORD Most High, who resides in Heaven, comes down to the depths of this world, amidst sinners, to rescue you and me.

Yes, when we are cornered by the temptations of the world, when we fail miserably, take heart, dear child of God, our LORD will come down to rescue us. YHWH Shammah, the LORD will be there with you and me, not to see us perish in the temptations of this world, but to rescue us from the fiery furnace of the temptation. Let me illustrate this with a testimony from a friend of mine. And, before God, I am not making up this testimony, nor my friend was lying about this.

Many years back, this friend was undergoing a really really bad time in his life. Everything around him was falling apart. He became sick and it really affected his health. He had problems with his parents, had trouble in his job and he was looking for someone to comfort him. And he went back to a girl who he left before. She is a piece of work. She had had more lovers than I can count and that is in just 3 years. And there was a time she had three lovers at the same time. But my friend didn’t care. He just wanted to get back with someone. I met him after a long time after this and was pleasantly surprised to see that he is doing okay, got healthy, everything was going fine and he is back with the LORD. I asked him what happened. And here is what he said.

“I asked that girl to visit me during Christmas break and she came. Since I was living in a studio then, I had only one bed and she said that it is okay for us to share. Since it was really cold, I said it is fine and made the bed. I was sleeping on one side and she was on the other side of the bed, with lots of space between us. So, I didn’t think that anything wrong would happen.

(NOTE: Making the bed in depths, as the Psalmist said… if you know someone is sinning, pray for them, show them the love of God, that is direct them to the Cross, but never ever think that nothing will happen if you are alone with them… you will be tainted for the rest of your life. Run like Joseph ran – probably with the clothes on Smile – Patric.)

After sometime, I felt some movement and realized that her hand was on me and she was cuddling. I thought it was because of the cold… and it took me few minutes to realize that she was not wearing any clothes at all and that she was not cuddling. (NOTE: I will not say anymore on this, as this blog is meant to edify you, not titillate) And, for one second, I thought that probably she is the life partner meant for me and that the LORD has sent her my way (Yeah, really, people can get really stupid when they are falling head down in to the depths of adultery).

I finally decided to give in to the temptation when I heard a choir singing an old Tamil song: சத்துரு சோதித்திட தேவ உத்தரவுடன் வருவான்; ஆனால் இயேசு கைவிடார், தானாய் வந்து இரட்சிப்பார். (The meaning of those lyrics is: devil will come your way to tempt you with the permission of God; but Jesus will not forsake you, HE will come on His own to save you.) When I heard those words, I really thought I am hallucinating, so I opened my eyes and looked around, yet I could hear those words again and again. That’s when I realized that it was not the LORD who sent her, but devil brought her there. I overcame the temptation and I asked her to leave the very next day. If the LORD did not help me, I don’t know what would happened to my soul.”

Now, I am not at all suggesting that you do the same and surely, Jesus would come and help you… no, please, no. My advice is run for your life before getting into such a situation. But what amazed me is even in such a disgusting situation, the LORD came to save my friend’s soul.

Dear child of God, you are very precious to Jesus Christ. HE gave His life for you, He shed even His last drop of blood for you… and when temptation overpowers you, when you think you have no strength to overcome sin, remember that the LORD is with you there to save you… to save you from the temptations of this world, to save you from the power of sin. YHWH Shammah is here with you now… don’t despair, don’t be afraid. The LORD our God is mighty to save you. The LORD our God loves you so much. That’s why the LORD our God will be with you – YHWH Shammah. Amen.

God is There

Ephesians 1:7“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace”

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