For the man will not rest…

Probably we are facing some serious trouble in our life. The days are passing by and our hearts are worried. Our strength is melting away and our faith seems to get weaker by the day. Our heart is crying out to the LORD, wondering why He is taking so long to deliver us. Our common sense is telling us to do this and that.

In such a time, Naomi tells her daughter-in-law to

                             “Sit still, my daughter.” (Ruth 3:18)

Sit still? When there is so much to do? When there is so many things to be taken care of? Sit still? Doing nothing? Really? Why did Naomi say so? Because she knew one thing. Boaz would not rest until he had finished that thing that very day.

We may know our Boaz, our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. But how much do we know about Him? Enough to trust Him that He will not rest until He has finished this thing this very day??? If our hearts really believe in Him, if we truly have faith in Jesus Christ, if we really have tasted the love of our LORD, then we will do one thing and one thing only. The one thing that the LORD is asking of us today: Be still.


Romans 12:10“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

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