For nearly 9 hours, the disciples were toiling with rowing their boat. After 9 long hours, they could cross only 4 miles. Now, Jesus gets into their boat and the Bible says,

Immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading. – John 6:21b (NIV)

Immediately. Probably you have been toiling for a while. At this moment, you are thinking of giving up as it has taken so long and you have not received deliverance. It may be a disease that is hurting you and you have been praying so long for healing. Or, there may be a door for your future, that has been closed and you have been asking the Lord to open that door. Probably you are hoping for a miracle to happen in your life and nothing has happened so far. But as soon as Jesus gets into your ship, you will reach your destination – IMMEDIATELY.

But there is something we need to do. The same verse adds something before that.

They WILLINGLY received Him into the boat. – John 6:21a

Willingly. Won’t we all accept Jesus willingly into our boats? Not necessarily. There is some resentment in our hearts that He has taken so long to come to our aid. We may be feeling a little hurt that it looked as if Jesus didn’t care about us till this moment. Jesus has come to you, He is right there next to you, He has revealed Himself to you. Are you ready to accept Him willingly? Are you ready to open your arms and your heart and accept the LORD Jesus Christ into your boat right now? Because when Jesus Christ comes into your boat, all the opposing winds will cease and you will reach your destination immediately. Let us open our arms and our hearts and wholeheartedly and willingly receive our Lord, our Friend and our Savior Jesus Christ into our boats. May we all reach our destinations immediately. Amen.

man in praise

Psalm 138:2“I will bow down toward Your holy temple and will praise Your name for Your unfailing love and Your faithfulness, for You have so exalted Your solemn decree that it surpasses Your fame.”

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