Voice of strangers–Eliphaz

There will be always some people who look out for us. They really care for us. They have our best interest in their minds. Like Eliphaz. One of Job’s friends. But there comes a time when even the best intentions may lead us astray from the path of our LORD.

One such advice came to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ from His apostle, Peter. Peter advised Jesus Christ against His death, especially death by crucifixion. Did Peter have Jesus’s best interest in mind? Yes. But was that the will of God our Father about our Savior? No.

There are times when the will of God in our life may not appeal to the common sense. There will be times when we follow the LORD, it will really look stupid in the eyes of others. When our well-wishers see that, they will surely advise us. There is nothing wrong with that. But how are we going to respond to that?

When we listen to them, sooner or later, our faith will have doubts. A faith with doubts is like a body with a small malignant tumor. Unchecked growth of tumor will result in death; too many doubts and too many words of worldly wisdom will result in dead faith.

Understand their intentions, but remember the worldly wisdom that comes from them is from the devil – tempting us to leave our faith. Because more than us, the devil knows that without faith, no one can please our LORD. (Hebrews 11:6)


So, when such advices come our way, when our Peters and Eliphazs come to advise us, when they feel that we are going in the wrong direction and start talking to us about the futility of the course we are taking, remember the admonition that our LORD gave to His disciple:


Psalm 112:5“Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.”

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