Voice of strangers – Sarah

Sarah is often credited with creating turmoil in this world through her unbelief and constant nagging.  But the more important question is why did Abraham, the father of faith, listened to her and what is the lesson that the Holy Spirit is trying to teach us through this?

In Genesis 15:4, the LORD gave a promise to Abraham.


Note the promise of the LORD carefully. The God did not say that the son who shall come forth out of Sarah; He said the son who shall come forth out of YOUR (Abraham’s) bowels. However it is implied that this son would be borne of Sarah, as she was Abraham’s wife then.

But when the promised child was delayed, Sarah realized that they were getting too old to get pregnant. So, she took the LORD’s promise and started nagging Abraham:

“God did not say that your heir will be from my womb, He only said that he would come forth from your own bowels. So, you can have a son through Hagar, my servant maid. That’s not against the Word of the LORD. If you have doubt, look carefully at what He has promised.

Come on, I am not saying that you should not believe the Word of the LORD; on the contrary, I am saying that you believe God’s Word as it is. See, if I was supposed to have your son, God would have said that Sarah will bear you a son and he shall be your heir. But He did not say that. So it is clear that this is not God’s will. So, have another lady as your wife and have a son and a heir as per God’s directions.” (Okay, this may not be the words of Sarah, but IMHO, what would have been her point of argument.)

Abraham still had faith in God, but he also saw the point his wife was making. Technically, she was not wrong at all. Whatever she said, whatever she argued was within the promise that the LORD had made to Abraham. So, he accepted her suggestion. But he forgot something or, probably he did not know this truth about our LORD at that time.


Dear friend, our God is never the author of confusion. His promises are always clear. When He promises something, never try to analyze it too much. Understand the Word of God for what it is. If you feel something has to be done to fulfill the promise of God, then go to Him first. Ask Him. If you need to do something else, then either the LORD Himself will do it for you, or He will command you to do that. But never ever assume that just because someone’s explanation of God’s promise is ‘technically’ correct, you are doing the right thing.

Sarah. It could be your spouse. It could be your well-wisher. It could be your pastor. It could be anyone, who is a good Christian, someone who shares your faith, your promise and your suffering. They also want the promise of the LORD to be fulfilled. But, the only problem is they want to fulfill it for the LORD. So, when you hear such voices, beware.

When Abraham asks the LORD to bless Ishmael, the son he begot through his maid Hagar, the LORD gave His promise again to Abraham, but this time, He makes sure that there is no chance for any misinterpretation.


When Sarah was nagging Abraham to have a child through Hagar, instead of listening to her, Abraham should have gone to the LORD first. If he had, then the LORD would have made it more clear. So, dear child of God, when you are in doubt, please don’t listen to your Sarahs. Go to the LORD. One Ishmael is enough for this world.

Psalm 149:4“For the LORD takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with victory.”

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