Voice of strangers – Rebellious counsel

The thoughts in our mind. Wish I know how to control those thoughts. I may have controlled my mouth from speaking words of unbelief. I may have controlled my actions that would have shown that I don’t have enough trust in the LORD. But my thoughts. It is the heart that has to be controlled most. That is why the Bible advises as to guard our hearts above all else.


When we do not guard our hearts, it will not stay still. It will be like a boat caught up in waves. One moment, you are up, feeling great; next moment, you are down, staring at the abyss, feeling all too depressed. And, during those times, our hearts will not just stay still – it will keep working overtime. And, whether we agree or not, when it does, there will be thoughts that are against the will of our LORD, there will be counsels that are rebellious against our LORD.

Psalm 106:43 But they were rebellious in their counsel.

So, let us make sure that we do not rebel against the LORD in our counsel. Let us guard our hearts above all else.

Psalm 16:8“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

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