Restoring our souls

When the LORD restores our souls, He does it step by step. First, He embraces us, then He lifts us up from the slimy pit, then He carries us on His shoulders… and He does one more thing.

Once again, the Psalmist says that in a beautiful manner.


This is where we need to wait patiently. The LORD keeps looking out for a solid place to set us down. Why?

  1. We just got out of a slimy pit. Leaving us in another place that is not firm will not inspire confidence in our hearts. We will start to think that probably we are back to the same place where we were.
  2. Also, for some of us, leaving us on a place that is similar to the place where we were before would actually lead us back into the same sin – due to the comfort zone.
  3. And, our legs are still trembling because of the sins we were in and also because we were weakened, spiritually as well as physically due to the terrible events that have taken place in our life. Leaving us in a place that is not firm would actually weaken us more. Our legs need a strong firm place.

Dear friend, are you wondering why does not the LORD let us down yet? Why is He carrying us in His shoulders? We want to get down, we want to show others how strong we have become, we want to show that we have received grace from the LORD. But the LORD is not yet allowing us to get down from His mighty shoulders. The reason is that you need a solid foundation on which your feet have to be set.

And, instead of wondering when the LORD will let you down from His shoulders, dear friend, let us start with the Bible. Let us read the Scriptures. Let us grow in His faith, faith that the Bible commends. Because, the LORD our God is the Eternal Rock on which we will be built; it is in Him, our souls will find restoration. Amen.


Romans 8:32“He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all—how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?”

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