My burden – Fear of death

No, no, no, I am not talking about dying. A true Christian is someone who is not afraid of death, right? We are blessed to boldly look at the eyes of death and proclaim with confidence,

“O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?” – 1 Corinthians 15:550104-1CO015055ENGKJV08000480-000

But the Psalmist is talking about the fear of death in another different angle here.

“… the terrors of death have fallen on me.” – Psalm 55:4

I am sure some of us have experienced what the Psalmist is talking about here. The Psalmist is talking about two different types of death.

1. This death is caused by what the enemies are doing. One of the meanings of the word “death” used here includes “a violent death”. Probably you had that premonition that something is wrong. Probably you realized even before you started your car that something bad, really bad, is going to happen. When someone you know was travelling, you suddenly had an urge to pray for their safety. Or for no reason, accidents seem to happen around you, every time you are the epicenter of those accidents.

People may have labeled you as paranoid. Or, just plain careless. Or, that you hear voices”. But you know that deep in your heart that feeling of death, a violent death, was not paranoia. You know that dark forces are working against you.

And the Psalmist was afraid of such a death. Imagine how they would celebrate such a death. Killing a child of God would bring so much happiness to them. It will also dishearten those who follow the LORD. Do you carry such a burden, dear friend? Is your heart constantly warning you about the impending dangers around the corner?

2. The enemies are talking bad about the Psalmist. They are persecuting him. They are telling everyone, how much he deserved such a punishment. And, imagine, in such a condition, where everyone seems to think that he is a sinner, who deserves the worst of punishment, he dies… what would everyone say? God punished him because of his sins. The world would never know his side. The world would think that the LORD had forsaken him on account of his sins.

Are you being persecuted by your enemies? Is your life crushed heavily by the lies they are spreading about you? Are you worried that if something happens to you now, the world will believe those lies? Are you scared that you will not have your chance to explain your side? Are you carrying this burden, my dear friend?

The Psalmist gives the answer to these burdens.

“Cast your burden, the burden of death, this burden of violent death, this burden of dying without proving that you are innocent, on the LORD and He will sustain you.” – Psalm 55:22

Yes, dear friend, cast this burden on the Living One, on our LORD Jesus Christ, Who died, but now is alive forever and ever, Amen. Dear friend, cast this burden on our Lord who holds the keys of death and Hades in His Almighty hand.


Yes, dear friend, our LORD Jesus Christ holds the key of death and Hades in His Almighty hand. They can plan your death in every possible manner, but they will never succeed. Because Jesus Christ came to give us life – life in all its fullness (John 10:10) and no enemy can make your life shorter. When you cast your burden on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Living One, you will have your life and will live to see its fullness. Amen.

If the LORD has made you suffer all these trials, that means He is refining you. So, don’t despair. The LORD Who is refining you today will show to the world tomorrow that you are, indeed, refined gold.

So, let us go ahead and cast this burden on our Living God and proclaim with confidence, along with the Psalmist,


Titus 2:2“Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.”

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