Faith versus sin

In my previous blogs about Joseph, I talked about how his own brothers hated him, sold him as a slave and yet how Joseph was diligent in his work as a slave.

Probably, dear friend, you are in the same situation right now. The LORD has given you a vision, a glorious vision, about your future. But everything has gone wrong. All your plans and hopes for your future has been dashed to the ground. You are left with some job that has nothing to do with the LORD’s plan for you.

In such a state, will you be able to hold on to your faith? Will you be able to believe that even in such a situation, the LORD’s mighty arm is working in a miraculous manner to fulfill His plan for you?

Even in such a situation, Joseph did not lose his faith. He worked diligently, with faith in his God. When he found favor with his master, he did not ascribe it to his hard work; instead, he realized that it was because the LORD’s hand was upon him.

How many times it has happened to us? We find ourselves in very difficult situations. We work hard. People appreciate it; your supervisor, or whoever is in charge, is mighty impressed with us. But, how many times, we stopped for a second and thought, “No, the glory goes to the LORD. I just did my job. All this recognition and appreciation comes to me, because I have found favor in the eyes of the LORD even in this darkness”?

But even in that toughest time, Joseph’s focus was on the LORD. He was a teenager, and the Bible says that Joseph was well-built and handsome. And someone was taking an interest in him – wife of Potiphar.


Dear friend, if you are called for a higher calling and, if you are in the will of God, no matter what your current situation is, someone will be looking at you – to tempt you, hoping that you commit sin and lose your higher calling. I can tell that from personal experience, it is so true. When everything is going right, there will be always a Potiphar’s wife waiting for you.

Look at Joseph. He had every chance to commit adultery. He was a teenager. He was a slave. He was not trying to commit sin, it was his master’s wife who was trying to tempt him. He could always deny responsibility.

Dear friend, how many times it has happened to us? There was every chance for us to commit sin. And, we could always deny responsibility. We don’t have to take the initiative. All we need to do is just go along. There is nothing there to stop us… right? So WRONG.

There is God. Omnipotent. Omniscient. All-seeing. But, unlike what some people portray, God is not watching us from the Heaven to punish us. The LORD is not waiting there for us to slip, so that He could punish us. No, dear friend, no. But, knowing that God is watching us is not enough, dear friend. There is something else we need to do.

Whenever we are working, let us not only realize that the LORD is watching us; we need to do one more thing – the thing that Joseph did, the thing that David did.

I have set the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. – Psalm 16:8 (KJV21)

When he had no chance to believe in God’s presence, Joseph set the LORD before his eyes. So, when temptation came, he could say, “How then can I do this wickedness, and sin against God?” – Genesis 39:9.

Dear friend, if you have a higher calling in your life, if you are in the will of God, be obedient and diligent. But also, make sure you set the LORD always before you. Set the LORD before you, pray, praise and worship. But when you are done with your prayers and worship, when you are doing all other worldly work, again set the LORD before you. Because, then when the temptation comes, it will not move you, for the Holy, Holy, Holy LORD will be at your right hand to save you.

Don’t wait till the temptation comes. Start now. Set the LORD before your eyes. May the LORD of Joseph save us from all the temptations of the flesh. Amen.


1 Peter 2:9“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.”

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