Through the fiery furnace

As I surrendered my life to our LORD on the night of December 7th, 1992, suddenly I had a severe fever that night. I was shivering and was hoping that I would be able to have some treatment the next day. But, the college was shut down due to the religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims, and our hostels were closed immediately and we were asked to leave the premises at once.

So, on December 8th morning, with such a high fever, I was left alone in the hostel as all my friends wanted to go home as soon as possible. Soon, I was asked to leave the hostel, no matter what my condition was. So I went to the bus stand, in a delirious condition.

From Tirupattur, where I was studying, I had to pass two other towns before reaching Vellore, from where I could catch a bus to my home town. Those two towns were, and still are, hotbeds for religious riots. When I reached the bus stand, it was almost empty. Just one government owned bus was moving and I got in. And to my surprise, there was no one in the bus, except the conductor and the driver.

The conductor told me clearly that they were taking the bus because they had no choice as the government had asked them to follow their schedule. He also informed me that on that day, not a single bus had managed to reach either Vellore or Tirupattur as all the buses were burnt in one of those two towns in between. So, the conductor told me that he could not give a guarantee for my life if I choose to travel in the bus.

But, I had no choice. The college was closed. I had no place to stay and I had severe fever. So, I got in the bus, bought the ticket, opened the Bible and started reading. But in five seconds, I was out. I lost my consciousness.

After sometime, I felt heat. It felt like I was having a vision where I was passing through a fiery furnace. I heard people shouting. And lost my consciousness again. Sometime later, I had a deja vu. Once again felt heat, vision of fiery furnace and people shouting. And lost my consciousness yet again.

Then I realized that someone was tapping my shoulders. When I opened my eyes, both the driver and the conductor were standing next to me, with faces filled with surprise. And our bus was surrounded by people, who were looking at the bus as if it was an alien craft. I did not understand what was going on and had no clue where we were.

The conductor then asked me this question: “Who is your God? Who do you worship? And what is that book on your lap?” I answered him: “Jesus Christ is my God. I am a Christian and that book is the Bible. Why do you ask?”burning-bus

It was the driver who answered me: “It is your God who saved us this day. Every single bus that passed through those two towns were completely burnt, but when we passed through those two towns, it was like this bus was invisible to the crowd. They ran around this bus, throwing stones at other vehicles, burning down buses that were already burnt, but they just did not see this bus. There is not even a scratch in this bus. In last 12 hours, this is the only bus that has reached Vellore from Tirupattur. And, in all these commotion, you did not wake up, the Book on your lap did not fall down. The God you worship saved us.”

It was then I realized that the two visions I thought I had were not, after all, visions. They were stark reality of buses burning in those two towns. The heat I felt was the heat from the buses burning nearby. But, for in His grace, the LORD chose to save me on December 8th, 1992.

And, as I am passing through one of the toughest trials in my life today, I know that the LORD who saved a sinner on that day from a fiery furnace is able to save me during this fiery trial too. May His Name be blessed all the time. Amen.


John 14:6“Jesus answered, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

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  1. Oh my! I love your testimony! I will pray for you to pass through this trial. Same God and same ability to save us from destruction. Smile toda. Our God is with you and will deliver you yet again!

    • Thank you for your encouraging word, ma’m. To be honest, it was a while since I had smiled. But since this morning, after seeing your comment, I have been smiling and the LORD is sustaining me through His grace. Thank you for your prayers and our God will deliver – as always. Amen.

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