• In eastern cultures, ashes denote the end of a life. A dead person is cremated instead of buried. And all that is left of the person is just ashes.
  • Ashes denote that there is no hope. Once everything is burned down, there is no hope left… just ashes. Ashes denote a hopeless condition.
  • Ashes denote uselessness. If something is useless, it is burnt down to ashes. It is useless and waste.
  • Ashes denote no value anymore. We have heard stories of old times, where when some information is valuable and enemy approaches, that valuable information is burnt to ashes so that it has no value whatsoever to the enemy.
  • Ashes denote humiliation. When someone has been insulted or humiliated, in Biblical times, they would put ashes on their heads.
  • Ashes denote repentance. Whenever someone had sinned, when the Spirit of our LORD moves in their hearts of their sins, they would, again in Biblical times, sit on ashes as a sign of their repentance.
  • Ashes is defined as the powdery substance left after something is completely burned down or destroyed by fire. It could be anything, but when destroyed by fire completely, it leaves ashes. So, ashes denote complete destruction.
  • Ashes also denote grief. Grief due to loss of something that is valuable, something that we dreamed after.
  • Ashes denote insignificance. No one is worried about ashes. So, when no one seems to worry about us, that insignificance can be compared to ashes.
  • Ashes denote disfigurement. When you are under constant pressure in this world, when you encounter failure after failure, when you keep losing the battles of life repeatedly, it shows in your face and your health.
  • Ashes denote that the fire is out in our life. As long as there is fire, not everything is completely burned down. But when only ashes are left, that means we have lost the fire in our life. We have no strength left to fight.

Dear friend, is any part of your life belong to any of the descriptions above? Or, probably you believe that all the descriptions above apply to you? Whatever be the case, I have a good news to you, my dear friend, from our LORD.

Bring all your ashes to Jesus Christ and He will turn all your ashes into beauty. Yes, dear friend that is the promise of our LORD.

Beauty for your ashes. (Isaiah 61:3)

Are you willing to bring all your ashes to our LORD? At this moment, this very day, our LORD Jesus Christ will give beauty for ashes. May His holy Name be glorified. Amen.


Isaiah 7:14“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a Son, and will call Him Immanuel.”

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