Ashes – Uselessness

When I grew up, the one constant thing I heard from my mom was how useless I was. To be honest, even after all these years, there would be days where wonder if there is any usefulness in my existence. Thank God, we are not in touch anymore, otherwise I would be hearing tales about how useless my blogs are just like my very own existence.

Being totally useless to anyone on this world? Is this your ashes today? Let me tell you a story that touched my heart and changed my outlook towards the world.

During the times of King Solomon, the Temple of the LORD was being built. It was built using large stones, and it is estimated that almost each of the stones were like 2 tons heavy. But King Solomon was clear about one thing: No sound of hammer or chisel or any iron tool should be heard in the vicinity of the temple. So, all the stones were finished completely in the quarry, were marked to where in the temple construction those stones should go and then shipped. When the finished stones arrived at the temple constructions site, they would look at the mark and place the stone accordingly in that position.

When they started the construction, they realized that there was this weird looking stone that did not have any marks. So, they were confused where to place it. They tried putting that stone in the foundation, but it didn’t fit. They tried placing the stone in the inner chambers, but it didn’t fit there too. They tried placing the stone on the outer walls of the Temple, but no luck there either.

Finally they realized that the shape of that particular stone would not let them place it in any of the place. So, they assumed that the stone was sent to them by mistake and threw the stone out.

Dear friend, is this what you are undergoing? When your family members make a plan, they leave you out because “you won’t fit”? Are you being avoided where you are working or studying because “you don’t belong”? Are people ignoring you when they are making plans for a party? Do people think that it is a mistake that you are there with them in everything they do? Take heart, my friend. The LORD has a greater plan for you.

When people passed by the stone that was thrown out, they made so much fun of it. They would point at it and show it to others as an example that even when others mistakenly include you, if you don’t belong, you will be thrown out eventually. It became a joke among the builders there. When someone didn’t belong, he was compared to that stone and made fun of.

When people think you are useless, sooner or later, they will start making fun of you. People will be compared to you; parents will use you to warn their young kids. I don’t know about you, but my own mother would tell other young kids not to become like me. Every kid in this world was better than me, everyone has a chance in this world, but not me. It is probably one of the most hurting comments you could endure. Are you being treated in the same way, dear friend? Again, cheer up, the LORD has a great plan for you.

Soon, people forgot about that rejected stone. Plants and moss started to cover it. Birds used that stone as a resting place between their flights. Soon, no one remembered that stone – that useless stone.

Just like David was forgotten by his family, sooner or later, people will tend to forget us. At least, David was the last of the seven sons of his father. I am the only son of my mother. I like chocolate cakes. So, for one Christmas morning, I bought a 2 kg chocolate cake, left it at home and went out to buy some groceries. When I came back 30 minutes later, I asked my mom whether we should cut the cake now. She was too embarrassed to answer me. Apparently she cut the cake with her boy friend and three of our neighbors (and, except my mom, none of them were Christians) and they had eaten all the cake. And my mom totally forgot about me. Yes, my own mother forgot her only son on Christmas and I was out for only 30 minutes. Amazing how when people consider you are useless, how fast they forget you.

Years went by. 7 years had gone. No one remembered the stone now. It was completely covered by plants and moss, and no one gave a second thought about it. Finally the Temple was complete and the king came for a final inspection.

He looked at the completed Temple and told the High Priest and the others who were in charge of the construction of the Temple, that he was pleased with it. So, he asked them to finish the construction by placing the capstone on the Temple and fix the date for the dedication of the Temple. Then the king left.

The priests asked the builders to place the capstone on the Temple. That was when the builders realized that the quarry had not sent the capstone to them. So, they sent a message to the quarry asking for the capstone ASAP. The quarry sent them a surprised message, saying that the capstone had been sent already. The builders sent a message back saying that they never received the capstone. The quarry sent back another message telling that the capstone was one of the first stones they completed and sent to the temple.

The builders were confused completely. They could not recollect any stones that had the markings for a capstone. The people from quarry laughed when they heard this. They told the builders, “But, of course, there would be no markings on the capstone. It is unique in shape and one look at it, you will realize that this has to be the capstone as it is the most important stone of all the stones. How could you miss it?”

It was then one of the builders remembered that rejected stone. Then they went and looked at that stone, covered with plants and moss. They cleaned the stone and realized that it was the capstone. After polishing it, they placed it on the Temple. When Solomon came for dedication, he was astonished how that capstone had magnified the look of the Temple and praised the builders for choosing such a marvelous capstone for the Temple. The builders were too embarrassed to admit to the king that they had rejected that capstone.

Psalm 118_22

Yes, dear friend, you may have been rejected, forgotten and ignored. But the LORD has a plan for you and one day, those who rejected you will come searching for you, they will need you, and you will become the shining star of their joy. All you need to do is, bring those ashes of uselessness to our LORD today. This very moment, the LORD will bless you and give you beauty instead of your ashes. Amen.


Luke 1:26-28“[The Birth of Jesus Foretold] In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.””

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