Daily Archives: August 10, 2015

Shocked Patrick

Recently I was searching online for an image of a shocked animal for a point I wanted to make on Sunday worship. I wanted the animal to be cute and people must like it. So, panda bear came to my mind. So, I opened Google Images and started typing “shocked panda”…, but I could not finish typing “panda”. As soon as I typed “shocked pa”, Google came up with its suggestions and the topmost one was “shocked Patrick”.

I have never heard of this and not knowing about pop culture, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see my namesake there and went ahead with the search for “shocked Patrick”… and man, oh man, I ended up laughing so much, my wife was wondering if I was okay. When I showed her the results of that search, she looked at me and looked at the images and said, “Hey, that’s exactly how you look like”.

The wonderful part was I saw this on August 9th morning. That night I was in prayers as today, August 10th, is my birthday, when I went through everything that I had done wrong, the sins I had committed, the mistakes I could have avoided, the wrong turns I took and when I sensed how much still the LORD loves me after all these years, that’s how I looked like. Shocked, amazed, wordless – for the grace and mercies that our Father in Heaven has bestowed upon me, the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ and the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit – I am indeed a shocked Patrick and humbled to be. Thank You LORD.