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El Roi – even here in the wilderness

Gen 16:13 And she called the name of the LORD that spoke unto her, Thou art a God of seeing; for she said: “Have I even here seen Him that seeth Me?” (JPS)

The Easy to Read Version says:
“I see that even in this place, God sees me and cares for me!”

What a joy it must have been to Hagar to see the God of Abraham in the wilderness. Probably being an Egyptian, she was forbidden to take part in the worships that Abraham led in his family. Probably she was told that to seek the Most Holy God, she had to undergo so many cleansing rituals.
Yet, a maid servant, rebelling against her mistress, in the middle of the wilderness, saw that our God is El Roi. One Who sees you even in the wilderness. The most loving God. Caring God. God Who sees us even in the wilderness and takes care of us.

Even for us, we have our own requirements of how we need to seek our Lord. There is nothing wrong in that, but most of the times when we are supposed to seek the LORD, we spend our time in finding the right spot and the right conditions to pray. As a result, we never get a chance to be surprised by our Lord Jesus Christ.
If the LORD is gracious and merciful to look at a maid servant, who was going to give raise to a wild race, even in the middle of wilderness, imagine how much more grace and love He has towards you, you who are saved by the blood of His only Son Jesus Christ.

Once for a Christian event that I was part of, some people were invited and they are not Christians. As I was getting ready for the event, I heard them planning few things to take away the honour and glory that belongs to our LORD. I was quite young at that time and I had no power to stop them. Though they knew I was overhearing their plans, they did not care as they knew I was powerless to do anything. And the Christians, who had planned that event, had already gone to the venue and I had no one to inform. Oh, this happened before the days of cell phones – in case, if you are wondering why I didn’t just call or text someone. So, I was left with no option other than to pray. So, I prayed.

When I reached the event with the same people who were plotting, the very first news we got was that the pastor who was going to lead the event had made certain changes. Which was surprising in many ways as that pastor was known to be against the same changes, but he had told others that the Spirit of God was moving him to do those changes for this event.
Most importantly, those who were plotting to take the glory and honour of God, were shocked to see their counsel hit the dump because of those changes.

I cannot even explain the joy and happiness it brought to me. Later, when other Christians came to know of this, they praised the LORD along with me that God answered my prayer that day in such a clear way.

Okay, but why am I saying this? Because when I heard their plans, I was shaving and with no other choice, I prayed while I was shaving and, our God is El Roi – even in the wilderness, He takes care of His own.

Dear child of God, our God is El Roi – He sees you and He sees you now. Even in this wilderness. Pray to Him. And you will be surprised to know how caring our Father in heaven is. Be surprised. Be blessed.
El Roi in the wilderness