A Test of Faith

Pete had become lost in the desert and had been chasing mirages. He thought to himself, “I’ll follow this last one.” It was a deserted town with a well in the very centre. His mouth parched from the intense heat, he ran to the well with his last ounce of energy.
He vigorously pumped the handle only to find that no water came forth. Then, he looked up to a note nailed to the post. It instructed its readers to “look behind the rock where a five-gallon container of water will be found” and warned against drinking or using it for anything besides priming the pump. Every ounce was needed, and not even a drop could be spared, the note emphasized.
“After pouring the water down the pump, pump the handle vigorously and all the water you desire will come forth,” the note said. One last instruction was to please fill the water can and place it behind the rock for the next weary soul who might happen to come along.
How hard it is for people to give up a “sure thing” for something they cannot see at the time. Pete had a sure thing in the bucket of water and yet was instructed to pour it “all” down the pump. Now Pete was not sure what to do. He was not sure when the instructions were written, and whether the instructions would work after all these years. Sure, he could have the five-gallon of water to refresh himself and move on, or he could risk all the water and get nothing out of it.
Pete finally decided to have faith and took the risk: he poured all the water into the pump and started to pump vigorously with hope. Nothing came out, but then slowly water started to dribble. Then the fresh water started to gush out of the pump. Pete drank enough water, saved as much as he could for the remaining journey, washed himself and finally filled the five-gallon container. Before leaving, he wrote below those instructions: “Trust me. To follow the instructions, you need faith. And faith works – always.”          
– Paraphrased from “2000+ Bible Illustrations”

True faith looks foolish in the eyes of common sense. True faith will cost us something, sometimes everything. But are you ready to take that leap of faith, trusting in the Word of God? For He is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 12:6)

Hebrews 11_1


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