Still in need of diapers

I had read in few Christian magazines where the pastor or the evangelist claiming that they are just in their thirties or forties, while they are actually much older than that. What they mean is how many years have passed since they have been saved.

It made me think as it was on December 7th, 23 years ago, Jesus Christ met me on my way to destruction and saved me. So, I thought I would say proudly that I am 23 years old.

Then I thought about all the mistakes I have made, all the sins I have committed, the timebaby-in-diapers when I left my LORD and wandered around, the times I ignored His counsels, the times when I tried to outsmart Him and everything… suddenly I realized three things.

  1. It may be 23 years since the LORD met me and saved me, but I am still a babe who needs his diapers to avoid soiling himself.
  2. I am ashamed to realize that after 23 years, I am still there, where I started. But more importantly,
  3. I am amazed to realize that after 23 years, Jesus Christ is still here, holding my hands, waiting patiently for me to take my steps in the Way.

For His mercies endures forever and ever. And no matter what baby steps I have to take, I know that my LORD is holding my hands and I will keep moving to attain the goal for which He took hold of me 23 years ago.

Philippians 3_12


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