Confused about Christmas

I grew up in Catholic Church. Many thought (including myself) that I would become a Catholic priest and be a defender of papacy. But one day, the LORD Who chose me when I was in my mother’s womb, met me in His grace. And it took me many years for me to accept that I had followed tradition over the Word of God.creeds-what-else-may-I-teach-you

Naturally, “once bitten, twice shy”, I have been wary of teachings that are not in the Bible or teachings that use the Bible only when it helps them. And here comes my confusion about Christmas. Actually, not about Christmas, but about certain pastors talking about Christmas.

I know that Jesus was not born on December 25th. I also know that neither the Bible or the early church celebrated Christmas. Yet, I don’t mind celebrating Christmas on December 25th, because it is just a date where we remember the Birth of our LORD. If someone does not want to celebrate Christmas, that is fine with me. If someone thinks it is wrong, that is also okay with me.

But I have a problem with an attitude that Elijah pointed out eloquently: how long will you falter between two opinions? (1 Kings 18:21). Because it is causing me real headache over last few weeks with certain preachers saying things as if those words are divinely inspired.

They make it clear that celebrating Christmas is un-Biblical. We should not be celebrating Christmas, not waste money on dresses and feasts, they are categorical about that. Then, they tell how we should celebrate a “meaningful” Christmas. This is where my first point of confusion comes.

If celebrating Christmas is un-Biblical, does it become Biblical when we add the adjective “meaningful” before Christmas? If I celebrate Christmas and if someone wants it to be meaningful, I understand. But when you categorically deny that celebrating Christmas is so wrong, how can you justify a “meaningful Christmas”?christmas-more-meaningful

Also what confuses me is that the same preachers ask us to prepare for the New Year celebrations. And that stuns me, because if I remember correctly, and I may be totally wrong here, the Bible never asks us to celebrate the New Year. Neither the Old Testament, nor Jesus Christ, our Lord or the Apostles and the early Christians had celebrated the New Year. But, for these preachers, New Year celebrations are so Biblical and God-appointed. When I question them about this apparent contradiction, their answer is: that the saints of the church have been doing this for generation. In other words, it is tradition.

So, why is celebrating Christmas, based on tradition is a sin, but celebrating New Year, based on tradition again, is holy? I am confused. Very confused.


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