Celebrating Christmas… confusion continues

I am writing two blogs back to back on celebrating Christmas. Because the Sunday service this week had confused me so much. And I am venting out my confusions on this blog. Thank You, LORD, for this outlet Smile.

This week, our Pastor asked us a question: Why do you want to celebrate the Birth of Christ? We thought hard and answered very “spiritually” deep answers. Because Jesus came to save us. Because Jesus saved the world from the clutches of sin. Because Jesus left the presence of His Father and our Father, His God and our God, to be with us. We went on and on like this. At the end of all our “wise” and “very insightful” answers, the Pastor said that we all had answered in a very generalized manner and none of our answers are correct. We were stumped.

Then the Pastor asked, what change the birth of Christ has brought in us – that must be dealt first to celebrate Christmas. If someone wants to celebrate Christmas, this is the question he or she needs to answer first. What kind of impact the birth of Christ has on me? How my nature has changed? Is my old man of sin dead completely? If not, I should not think of celebrating Christmas. This is what he said in a nutshell, except this went on for nearly 45 minutes.

Now, what confuses me is, everywhere, the church celebrates the birthday of its pastor, the same pastor. But never once, he had asked us: why are you celebrating my birthday? What kind of impact my birth has on you? How has your nature changed because of my birth? UntoUsAChildIsBorn2

Also, every year, our church celebrates many birthdays, especially of young kids. Their parents arrange for huge parties, where it is our pastor who leads the celebrations. But never once, he asked the kids’ parents, why are you celebrating the birth of your child? How did the birth of your child change you?

So, why is that we celebrate our birthdays without asking such “insightful” questions, but when it comes to celebrating “the good news of great joy which will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10), the birth of our Saviour, we have to ask so many questions?

Why can’t we just celebrate it? Why can’t we just rejoice without asking too many questions? Why can’t we partake in the praises of the Heavenly Hosts and those shepherds without asking all these questions? Why can’t we just be filled with joy that the Son of God decided to be with us, instead of always focussing on our deeds? Christmas is not about us. It is about the great grace by which the Son of God chose to become Son of Man. It is about Jesus Christ. Let us rejoice.



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