More amazing than I thought

As I wrote earlier, the more I read the Bible, the more I realize how vile I am and how I need Jesus Christ more and more. But there is something that is more amazing than ever.

That Jesus Christ considers me as a friend.

I remember asking one of my friends from my college days once about how I was during those days. He was not one of my friends, he was my best friend. He simply answered, “You were quite hard to deal with.” I was hurt severely as I did not expect my best friend to say that about me.

But what he said was true. I was and to some extent, I am still quite hard to deal with. But that is the outward part of me. What about the innermost part of me? If he thought I was quite hard to deal with when he saw only the outward part of myself, what he would think if he had known how vile I am.

Somewhere I read, “a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” FriendshipAnd knowing what I know about my self and its sinful nature, I don’t think anyone would be friends with me – except Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate, the Son of God, Immanuel.

Jesus, the One without sin. And my self, filled with sin. Yet He chose to call me His friend. And He chose to lay down His life for me.

Yes, I understand that He has to shed His blood for my salvation. But He did it because He considers me as His friend. More amazing than I thought.

John 15_13


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