Why I started blogging?

When I first heard the concept of blogging, I actually laughed out loud. Why would anyone want to write their thoughts on the internet for everyone to see? Later when I saw certain political and critical blogs, I was intrigued.

I had strong political leanings and I wanted to write about them. I even created one blog long back and wrote few blogs on politics in India. About cricket. About social issues. But I realized that I was being consumed by the same topics. Those were the times I was reading the Bible and meditating on the LORD for the purpose He has called me. But writing these blogs and answering comments were taking lot of my time and more importantly, my focus was always on the blogs. Even when I was reading, I realized my mind was always what I was going to write next.

So, one day, the LORD moved me and I gave up writing those blogs. Then for few years, I did not write blogs. Most of my friends would know that I am quite religious, but I never talk about Jesus Christ to every one of them. HE is my personal Saviour, that is all that mattered to me.

But then in 2012, during one of the worst periods in my life, when even I could not love myself, I saw the loving arms of Jesus Christ picking me up from the mire I was in. At that time, I had no hope of being forgiven for my sins. No hope of a new beginning. But the LORD in His grace, forgave my transgressions, washed me clean with His blood and gave me hope. And joy.


And I could not hide my joy or hope. I wanted to express it. Even then, blogging was a way of expressing my joy in Christ. I was not expecting anyone to read. Almost 95% of the blogs are my own experiences, where the LORD dealt with me through His Words, either by sanctifying me or guiding me. Slowly it dawned upon me… I am not alone. Slowly I started reading other blogs and I have been blessed by many. Even my way of writing has changed from the initial days to now and that too was inspired greatly by the blogs of Don Merritt (of course, I am nowhere close to his amazing and pithy blogs)… and hopefully, some day, the Lord Almighty, in His infinite wisdom may use my blogs as a blessing to some. May His Name alone be glorified. Amen.


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