A little prayer, 20 years back

I used to pray at all occasions. Some of the times I had prayed would be even considered “inappropriate.” But it never stopped me before from offering my prayers. And some of the prayers that were answered very emphatically are prayers that I offered right at that moment, oblivious to the situation around me, without considering whether it is appropriate to offer a prayer at that circumstance or not.

One such a prayer I offered was in 1995, in a movie theatre, while I was watching a Hindi movie. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (or DDLJ in short). There is a beautiful song in the movie, and as the song was going to end, Shah Rukh Khan, who played the hero in the movie, smiles at the camera and waves his hand, bidding good bye to an awestruck Kajol, who plays his romantic interest. And I was mesmerized by the polo shirt he was wearing. One look at it said it is rich and it is classy.

SRK_DDLJ Probably for many it may not matter, but for me, it mattered a lot. I grew up in poor background. At times, I was actually destitute and was unable to get proper clothing for a while. Most of the dresses I wore at that time were cheap knockoffs. So, when I saw this polo shirt, I really wanted to buy one like that. Except I had two qualifications. One, I didn’t want a full sleeve as I am not very comfortable in one. Second, I wanted a good quality polo, not a cheap knockoff.

As the song ended, right there in the theatre, I offered a small prayer. “Lord, I want to buy one like that, but half-sleeve and good quality. Please, Lord. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.” That was 20 years back. For next few years, I kept looking for the same model, but I never got one even closer… similar ones, but different colours or different stripes.

Then time moved on and I totally forgot about the polo shirt. Except when I come across this song in the TV, I tell my wife, how I offered a prayer asking for this polo shirt. Even two years back, when I saw this song, I smiled to myself, thinking about how I offered a prayer inside a theatre.

Then last month, December 2015, my family asked me to order Christmas and New Year dresses online for them. Initially I was reluctant, but finally I gave in and went e-shopping for them. As the shopping was at the final stages, my wife suggested that I look for a shirt or a polo for myself… and as I started searching, there before my eyes, 19 years later, the t-shirt, with short sleeves as I had prayed, was there. I was very excited and ordered it, hoping to get it before the New Year so that I could wear it for the New Year service.

All the dresses we had ordered arrived on or before December 29th, except this one. To make matters worse, some of the dresses we ordered were smaller in size or horrible in quality. We had to return some of them.

Finally, the polo shirt arrived yesterday (January 4th, 2015). I was told by my wife that it was a disaster and the polo was horrible. It was not a big deal, yet my heart sank. Then my wife laughed her heart out, saying, that this is the best dress I have ever bought. The polo was awesome. I said a small prayer, in the middle of a movie watching crowd, yet my Father in heaven heard that prayer and in His time, answered it.

As I was going upstairs to thank Him, someone wondered why it didn’t reach before the New Year service as it would have looked good on that night. And the Spirit of God moved me to this verse…

“But You have kept the best until last.” – John 2:10 (CEV)

As I thanked God for this prayer answered after all these years, I was wondering when I would be wearing this shirt. I am sort of picky in when I wear dresses I like the most. I would have surely worn it for the New Year, but now I have to wait for at least a month or two before the next moment to celebrate comes.

Then I realized the LORD Who answered this prayer after 20 years also will provide the moment for me to wear it. Amen.


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