Be balanced

Recently after a Sunday service, I saw a man waiting outside our church. I found out that he is the father of a new believer who is attending our church regularly. Generally if the parents of a new believer show up, it means trouble in paradise. So I called him and enquired what the problem is.

He thanked us for making his boy a very nice person. But there is another problem. In another two months, the boy is going to write a state exam and he is surely going to fail. Because the boy is spending all his times in prayers as he believes the LORD is going to give him the first rank.

I called the boy and asked him what is going on. He said, yes, he is going to get the first rank. How does he know? Because a senior believer in our church had told him that, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33, CAB) So, he was advised to spend all his time in prayer and that the LORD would secure him the top rank in the state exam.


I asked him what was his score in the latest exam he wrote in his school? He failed in all the subjects. Yet he is confident that at the right time, God would exalt him. I was stunned.

I don’t blame him for he is a new believer and more importantly, he has some issues in understanding things clearly. But what about the believer who has advised him so? Unfortunately Christians are building castles in air nowadays.

Even in Eden Garden, Adam had to work. We need to seek the LORD in everything we do. In everything we do. For that, we need to “do” what we have to do.

The best way to seek the kingdom of God for a student is to study well. All of us are given a duty. With prayer and the help of God, we need to do our jobs diligently. Let us be balanced in what we do. And may the Name of our LORD be glorified in all our work. Amen.


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  1. Great article. It’s so true. We will be blessed with a lot of things we don’t deserve (i.e. salvation), but we are also called to give every opportunity and job our best effort. We must continue to work hard, and through that exalt our wonderful Father in Heaven! =)

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