They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces were not ashamed. – Psalm 34:5 (NKJV)

When the LORD spoke to me this verse for the first time, some 10 years back, I was jubilant. For at that time, it was easier for me to look at the LORD. But as the years passed by, when the worries of today joined forces with the failures of yesterday and the hopelessness of tomorrow, it was not easy for me to look at the LORD.

Even when I did, my eyes were searching only for the answers. Does God know how much I am suffering? When will this ordeal end in my life? When will He say, “It is over”?

As a result, slowly my outlook became sad and gloomy. My family started asking me if everything is okay with me. I was confused why they were asking me, as everything is fine. But recently, when something happened in my life, the way I reacted, startled me. Suddenly I realized though I spend time in prayers and praising the LORD, I am not looking at Him, looking at my Saviour Jesus Christ. Instead of I am looking at my pitiful self.

Psalm 34.5a

Then with guilty ridden eyes, I raised my head and looked at Him. Looked at Jesus Christ. My Saviour. And I heard Him say, “It is over”… the words He spoke roughly 2000 years back. That whisper in my ears. That grace in His eyes. Still I am not over my gloominess, but I know it is on its way out of my life. Still I am not filled with joy, but at least now I know what I have missed.

Now I shall approach the throne of grace with confidence, that His beautiful eyes are looking at me, with love, with compassion and kindness. As I am looking at Jesus Christ, I realize that I should not be seeking answers from Him, but I must be seeking Him. And now I know, I will be radiant and my face will never be ashamed again. Amen.



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