She heard about Jesus

I wrote about how power had gone out of Jesus because a woman, who was suffering from an issue of blood for 12 years, had faith. How could someone have faith in anything after suffering for so long and losing all their saving during that time?

Absolutely there was no hope left for her. Mark even points out that the more she spent on her treatment, worse she became. She lost all her money. She had nothing left. In such a case, I have to admit, I would not have any sliver of hope left in me. But she had faith in Jesus, so much faith that power went out of Him. How did she manage to have such a faith? Mark gives the first part of the answer for that.

… having heard about Jesus… (Mark 5:27, MKJV)

She heard about Jesus. The first thing we need to do to have a strong faith is, we must hear about Jesus.

Of course, we do hear about Jesus. But in one week, how much do we hear about Jesus and how much “noise” we hear? Whatever we hear about Jesus is completely overwhelmed by all the din in our life. Even when we hear about Jesus, it is during the sermons. And even there, how much we hear about blessed Saviour? Once I heard a sermon for nearly one hour, where the pastor did not mention about our Lord even once. Most of the sermons these days are telling us what we must do or what we must not do. So, how much we hear about Jesus?

Of course, it is easy for us to blame it all on the servants of God. But as the Lord pointed out to Habakkuk, the righteous shall live by his faith. (Hab. 2:4) By my faith, I shall live. So, if I want to live the life that the Lord has planned out for me, I must have faith. I cannot keep blaming the pastors, preachers and the other servants of God.

So, how can I hear about Jesus? By reading His Word aloud. By praising Him for His grace, His mercies and His love for us.

If hearing about Jesus Christ had made a woman, who was sick for 12 years, who had lost all her wealth, to have such a strong faith, think about what will happen to our faith if we hear about Jesus diligently.  And we cannot even imagine what kind of power will emanate from our Lord. Let us start to hear about Jesus and only Jesus.

Faith hearing


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