If I may but touch only His clothes

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have been talking about how power had gone out of Jesus and that faith stemmed from the first point that the woman with an issue of blood for twelve years had heard about Jesus. May the Lord guide us further here.

After hearing about Jesus, she comes to a decision. Mark 5:28 says it succinctly: If I may but touch only His clothes.

Mark 5.28

What is amazing here is that only after this incident is recorded, the Evangelists record that “and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched it were made perfectly well.” (Matthew 14:36 and Mark 6:56) Which means she had no reason to believe that touching only His clothes would heal her. Yet, she believed that. Why? Because of what she had heard about Jesus.

Under Jewish laws, she was unclean. Whatever she touches becomes unclean. (Lev. 15:25-27) Many called Jesus as a Preacher and the preachers of those times were notorious for following the Law. Okay, that is not completely true, because even today, the preachers are notorious for following a set of rules. Apparently nothing much has changed.

But Jesus was also called many other things. Jesus was known to be from Nazareth and we know that nothing good comes from Nazareth. That He breaks the Sabbath by healing. That Jesus casts out devils through Beelzebub, the chief of the devils. Now, what would have happened if she had heard all these things? I don’t think she would have thought of reaching for His garment to be healed.

Yes, hearing about Jesus Christ is very important. But what we hear about Him also matters. Today, we don’t hear about Jesus Christ much in “Christian” churches. We hear about us and our sinful ways.  We hear about the judgment that is awaiting for us. We hear about how God is going to punish us in His wrath. We hear about how it is impossible for God to bless us in our current situation. We hear about certain rules and regulations. We hear about tithing and offerings. We hear about giving proper reverence for the pastors and the servants of God. We hear everything except Jesus Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a good God. Whoever comes to Him, He will in no wise cast them out. HE came for the broken hearted, for the sick, for the sinners. Jesus carried our sorrows. HE is not only the Son of God and Son of Man, but He is also a Man of sorrow. HE understands our weaknesses. HE has compassion for us. HE loves us. Just come to Him, as you are. Jesus gave His life knowing who we are and HE accepts us as we are. Come with faith and let His power transform your life.


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