The Nehemiah Plan

Nehemiah. One of the most underrated Biblical hero, IMHO. I always love Nehemiah for he deals with situations in a very different manner than the other Biblical heroes. Okay, actually what I like most about Nehemiah is… no one else in the Bible threw things out, cursed, smote some of the Israelites and plucked their hair from their beards… no wonder I love Nehemiah.

However, building a wall in 52 days is his standout achievement. For few years now, the Spirit of God is moving to go on a 52-day confession of faith plan to rebuild the walls around my life, to safeguard my mind and my heart from the burning arrows of the enemy. Obedient as I am, I have been finding reasons why I am not able to do as the Lord has moved me. But one thing I have learned the hard way is no matter how easily I give up on myself and how often I give up on myself, the Lord does not give up on me that easily.

So, starting tomorrow, I am going on a 52-day confession of faith Nehemiah plan. May the LORD help me in rebuilding the walls of my life.



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