Lent 1. Mantis Shrimp

Recently, I read an article on 27 most bizarre animals on earth. It made an exciting read and it is what made finally deciding to do this blog series. Of all the species there, the images of mantis shrimp captured my attention right away. I have not never heard of this species before, but the only species I know is shrimp that I eat… so, it is not a big deal anyway. Below is a photo of mantis shrimp.

Mantis Shrimp closeup

 They have powerful claws and some of the larger species can break through aquarium glass with a single strike. Wow. Of course, they can inflict painful gashes in our hands, if we handle them without caution. That is why the only type of shrimp I handle is the ones that are cooked well.

What is amazing about the mantis shrimps is their eyes. Humans possess three types of colour receptive cones in their eyes. Mantis shrimps possess 16 types of colour receptive cones. Two species are known to detect circularly polarised light and in October 2014, it is reported that the compound eyes of mantis shrimp can detect cancer and the activity of neurons. Below is a close up of the eyes of mantis shrimp.

Mantis Shrimp eyes

Some of the species are monogamous and remain with the same partner for up to 20 years. They are known to coordinate their activities to take care of the eggs. How sweet!!! Below is a photo of a mantis shrimp taking care of its eggs.


The peacock mantis shrimps are supposedly the most colourful of these species. What is it with peacock and colours? Below is a photo of a peacock mantis shrimp.


I am humbled and only glorify our Lord for His amazing creatures. And most importantly, He chose me to be redeemed by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.


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