Day 5. Numbers 24:3

…he who heard the words of God, who saw the vision of the Almighty, falling down but having his eyes open… (MKJV)

Few years back, when I fell into sin, I was unable to get out of it. I was warned by the Lord time and again, through His Words, prophecy and dreams. Yet, I was not able to get rid of the sin in my life. No matter how hard I tried, I realized that I had fallen into the habit of sinning and hence, despite all my best efforts, I could not just walk away. One July 17th morning, I started my morning prayers and all I could ask the Lord was that He saves my soul from the darkness of the abyss that was staring at me. And on that very day, the Lord revealed the sinfulness of my heart and delivered me from sin and from my evil self.

That night, I was unable to sleep. I could not even close my eyes. I was just staring at the ceiling, abhorring myself and I didn’t have the guts to take up the Bible and seek solace in it as it is my wont. But as I was staring into the ceiling that night, the Spirit of God whispered these words in my heart… whose eyes are opened when he was falling down… yes, as I was falling down, my eyes were opened.

It may not look like a promise, but for my heart that night, the whisper of Holy Spirit, saying that my eyes are opened as I was falling down, it is a blessing. If the LORD has forsaken me, there was no reason for Him to open my eyes. At that moment, I realized, that He would stretch His hands and hold me from falling all the way. For He has opened my eyes and I have seen His grace. And, He did so. And Lord, I am ever so grateful. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit.

Numbers 24.3


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