Day 18. Psalm 138:8

The LORD will fulfil His purpose for me.

In my initial days in faith, I was like a child. I trusted our Lord completely and I laid all my burdens on my feet. I was always joyous and would be singing. Okay, that would not be singing in normal traditional sense. It would be braying with no scale or rhythm, but, hey, if it is acceptable to God, I have no problems.

But then as the life started throwing few problems, when I started facing failures and my faith was tested, I started to panic. I ended up carrying the burdens in my heart. I started doing things on my own, hoping one of those things would help in fulfilling the Lord’s purpose for me. Met with more disappointments and mediocrity, I went back to our Lord and He gave me this verse. The LORD chose me, He gave me a promise and a purpose and HE will fulfil His purpose for me.

His purpose


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