The Servant of Elijah-sought simple things

In the previous blogs, I talked about this servant of Elijah and how he had the honour of witnessing the first appearance of the cloud that brought rain to the land of Israel.  I mentioned three reasons: 1. he chose to worship the Lord, 2. he chose to follow Elijah and 3. he denied his self.  There’s one more reason: he did not seek great things for himself.

Nowadays when we want a blessing on our nation, we pray together as a church. RevivalWe want as many believers as possible.  No matter what our spiritual status is, we attend such prayer meetings.  Especially if the prayer meeting has ” Revival” written on it.  We have to throw our two cents.

Now think about this servant.  He just witnessed one of the greatest miracles and the great revival.  Now is that time for the great rain.  Yet the great prophet did not ask him to pray with him.  Instead Elijah gave him a very simple task.  But this servant did not complain. He did not seek great things for himself.

Dear friend, probably no one has taken notice of your work in the church; you feel that the work you are doing for the Kingdom of Heaven is insignificant compared to the great sacrifices others make.  Are you satisfied that in some way you are doing what is being asked of you?  It may be negligible and small, but if you take delight in what you are doing, and do not seek greater things for yourself, then God is pleased with you.  For He must increase, and I must decrease.

John 3.30


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