Servant of Elijah-he obeyed

In the previous blogs, I talked about the servant of Elijah, who had the honour of witnessing the first appearance of the cloud that brought rain to the land of Israel.  I mentioned four reasons so far: 1. he chose to worship the Lord, 2. he chose to follow Elijah, 3.he denied his self and 4. he did not seek great things for himself. Now to another reason: he was obedient.

The prophet told his servant to go and look at the sky for seven times. Every single time, the servant obeyed. He did not hesitate once, wondering what was the use. Or he did not stand there, looking at the sky, thinking what difference it makes if I come and look again and again, or if I stand here for a long time and look till I see some miracle. He obeyed like a small child.

At times, the LORD gives us certain tasks. For our wisdom, those tasks may be meaningless; or very ordinary tasks. Or we need to do some things again and again without any results. Our hearts are dejected as we are expecting something great to be done, like Naaman expected from Elisha. But our obedience must not depend on the greatness or the insignificance of the task at hand, but it depends only on the One Who commanded that task to us.

It would not matter an angel, whether the LORD sends him to minister to saint in his death bed or to clean a gutter. Either of those things would bring the same amount of joy to the angel as the only thing he desires is to do according to the command of God. And when we also realize the greatness and magnificence of God we serve, it would not matter how boring or exciting the job He has given us, whether we reap a harvest or nothing, we would obey His Word immediately and with full heart. And when we do that, dear friend, we will see the blessings of the LORD first and we will be the bearer of the good news that the LORD has met His children and they have found favour in His eyes. Amen.



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