Servant of Elijah-trusted him completely

In the previous blogs, I talked about the servant of Elijah, who had the honour of witnessing the first appearance of the cloud that brought rain to the land of Israel.  I mentioned five reasons so far:

  1. he chose to worship the Lord,
  2. he chose to follow Elijah,
  3. he denied his self
  4. he did not seek great things for himself and
  5. he was obedient.

Another reason is that the servant completely trusted his master, Elijah. Let us not forget that we are talking about Elijah, the great prophet. He just arrived on scene and declared that there would be no rain till he commands again, and voila, there is no rain. Then he comes and prays, fire comes from the heavens and takes up the offering. This is a great prophet.

Now the time has come to pray for the rain. The rain that was stopped by Elijah. The rain, Elijah prophesised, that would come again at his command. (1 Kings 17:1) Yet, Elijah prays in a very different manner. The man commanded the rain to stop. The man looked at heavens and asked for fire, and God did send the fire. But now, when he has to command for the rains to come, he casts himself down upon the earth and puts his face between his knees and prays.


I don’t know about the servant of Elijah, but I had admonished many people for the way they had prayed. “The LORD has sent His Word, then why are you downcast?”, “The LORD has already answered your prayer, why are you still praying? Take courage and just proclaim the Word of Faith”, I had said. Yet, here, the servant of Elijah trusted the prophet completely.

If a servant trusted Elijah, who was a man with nature like ours, then imagine how much we, the children of God and co-heirs with Christ, must trust Him, Word Who was manifest, Immanuel, God is with us. Yes, dear friend, at times, we may not understand why God does something that goes against all that is taught in our churches; but trust Him and trust Him alone completely.



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