Day 36. Galatians 3:13

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree.

For many years, I thought I was cursed from birth. From my mom to many of my relatives would say all these cursed things about me and my mom had many many songs that would talk about why was I even born. Even among my family, I was sort of a freak as I lived far away from others and one of the few who enjoyed studying.

It was not a problem when I was living without God. But soon after the LORD received me into His fold, I realized things going wrong at the last moment. I would receive success and yet, before I could enjoy something would go wrong or I would get terribly sick or something like that. Soon, I felt as if something was following me everywhere I go.

Then I read about curses in the life of Christians and I just could not accept that a Christian would be under a curse. Even now, people don’t believe that. But tell them that a Christian could sin and be under the yoke of sin, that they will believe. But under a curse, no way. Because Jesus bore all of our curses and He became a curse for us. True. But the Bible also says that He carried all our sins and He was made to be sin for us.

But then I was worried about all the curses that I had heard from childhood would wreck my life and it was then I heard a preacher preach a sermon based on this verse and it changed my life ever since.

Galatians 3.13


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