Happy Birthday, dear sis

Today is my sister’s birthday.img103 Jane Sophia. It has been a while since we have talked with each other. And if someone has to be blamed for that, it has to be me. My sister is such a sweet person, she would not hurt anyone knowingly.

For a long time, we never got along. She was and she still is everyone’s favourite, while I was an anti-thesis to her in every way. I don’t remember how we got close, but somehow, we started to have a bond – a bond of trust. Though we met rarely, as I was studying at different places, somehow the bond became stronger over the years.

She is someone who fills my heart with joy all the time. She always have positive outlook towards everything and she never talks bad about others. This is a photo of ours taken, when I was seven years old and she was just two. Over all these years, this photo always has brought a warmth in my heart, looking at my baby sister, holding my hand. I miss you, kiddo, and God willing, will talk to you soon. Till then, sis, remember, you are in my prayers and happy birthday.


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