A meditation, a prophecy

As I was reading the daily meditations, I read this today, written by George Bowen, who was an American missionary to India. For one second, I thought he had written this just few years back, because it is so relevant today and what is happening around the Christian world. But then it was written in 1880s and, what a prophetic word from a man of God.

The world that pursued Christ unrelentingly, until it had driven Him forth, has ever since been doing its best to make His followers silent concerning Him. “Thou shalt not confess the Lord Jesus Christ,” is the first and great commandment of the world, and if it can only get this obeyed it will give a dispensation from all other duties. It has tried fire and the sword abundantly; but in these latter days its tactics are more subtle.

It is all courtesy, and addressing the Christian, says: – ” There is a great deal that is admirable about Christianity, and I blame myself very much that I have so neglected it. Allow me to be your scholar. I will sit at your feet, and learn of you. In return I will be happy to teach you what I know. We must go hand in hand along the journey of life.

The Christian is charmed by this amicable proposal, and falls into the snare. The world learns something, just to lull the Church asleep; and the Church learns, alas! much of the world.


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