Day 42. Numbers 24:16

…he who has heard the words of God has said, and he who knows the knowledge of the most High, he who saw the vision of the Almighty, fallen, but having his eyes open… (JUB)

Few years back, I was on the highway to pride – that too, spiritual pride. There were certain sins that I would never commit, because they were inherently abhorrent to me. How could people stoop so low? Don’t they know that these sins are the vilest of them all? I would sit on my-holier-than-thou throne and pronounce judgement. Till I realized those sins were deep-rooted in my heart. That I was being sanctimonious in such matters, because I didn’t want to deal with the sin rooted in my heart.

With pride came my fall. Before I could realize what happened, I was in too deep. Unable to accept that I had committed the very offenses that I had decried vehemently, I went into denial and then the blaming spree started. Then one morning, the Holy Spirit confronted me, pointing out the root of sin in my heart. Helpless, I prayed that the LORD have mercy on my soul and deliver me from the clutches of sin. Within the next 12 hours, our Lord liberated me, and also made me abhor what I had done. All night, I was staring at the ceiling, unable to close my eyes and pleaded for more grace… and at that time, God gave me this verse.

And whenever pride enters my heart, the Spirit of God reminds me of this verse…

Numbers 24.16


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