13. faith–It is not feeling

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One of the biggest problems in the life of faith is not knowing the difference between faith and feelings. For example, we are worried about something, we come into the presence of the LORD, we pour our heart out, cry and pray. And immediately a peace envelops us and we are satisfied that we have faith and that the faith triumphed.

But we see in the world, when something goes wrong, someone is hurt deeply, they cry out loud. Why? Because it is cathartic and therapeutic; it unloads your burden and lightens your heart. And you feel a sense of calmness after that. But can we say that it is faith? Of course, not. It is the same way we feel calm after crying our heart out in prayer. The calmness is based on our feelings, and it is not faith.

When we say such things, it hurts many peopleā€¦

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