Deeds vs. Deeds???

Recently I came across the website of a church and I really liked few articles on the website. So I wanted to know more about the church and gave a Google search (oh, I still hate the term “googled” as I was originally fascinated with its mother: Yahoo! search engine) and came across a site which denounced the teachings of this church.

I was intrigued, so went to that site. It had lots of information about lots of churches, denominations, etc. Regarding this church, the site claimed that this church teaching is from demons and anyone who attends or follows this church would be surely burning in hell. Now, for me, I find it very amusing whenever someone tells so and so is going to burn in hell. The Bible I read says that God our Father had given that authority to His Son Jesus Christ… and I may not know Jesus Christ that well, but from what I know, these people who condemn others to hell, they surely are not Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I continued reading and found the reason why that site condemned this church to eternal damnation. Because that church believes in water baptism. According to that website, it is a deed-based church and is not based on the grace of our LORD. So they are going to go to hell. Deeds is a very strict no-no.


I was really amused at such utter non-sense and with a smile, I perused further and found something funnier. That site also claimed that if you are not reading the King James Bible – Authorized version, that was published in 1611, and if you are reading any other translations, including NKJV or MKJV, you are deceived by the devil and hence, you will be burning with him for eternity.

That is great to know. But I have one problem. What happened to the “no deeds, only grace” part? If I am going to go to heaven based on grace only and not based on my deeds, why should it matter what I read? Isn’t reading actually a deed? If I am going to go to heaven only based on grace, why there is an insistence of reading KJV-1611? And why the condemnation when someone insists on water baptism? I guess I am missing something in the translation (pun intended).


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