The great things He has done

As I woke up this morning, with so much gratitude in my heart as I am celebrating my 12-year wedding anniversary with my wife, the LORD spoke to me right away with this verse.

Consider what great things He has done for you. – 1 Samuel 12:24.

1 Samuel 12.24

As I consider, I am awestruck at the great things the LORD has indeed done for us. Of course, I have to concede that in the eyes of this world, those things would not be great; the things that God has done in our life may even be despised by the world. But looking at the roller coaster ride that has been our 12 year marriage, for me, they are great and wondrous things that manifest the grace and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


12 years back, I had a very strong faith, and in my Christian life, I had no time for fools and no place for compassion. My emphasis was on “faith” and faith alone. But these 12 years have taught me that the grace of God is much deeper and sweeter than anyone could understand. It has made me compassionate towards, not only my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but in also towards the suffering of others. These 12 years have taught me that I am still a babe in Christ. More importantly, 12 years back, I thought I had walked a long way in Christian life; now, I realize that all I have taken is just 12 steps towards Christ.

Sometimes I wish, though, I am not married. Because breaking and moulding me into the vessel that the LORD has planned, involved lots of heartbreaks, failures, dejections and prolonged waits. My wife, Glory, is so supportive of me, but I do know the heartaches that she has suffered when I was being broken; I know the pain I had caused because of my own mistakes and errors; and how much burden she has carried when others have insulted me because they have no idea what the Lord is doing in our lives. On one hand, I wish she did not have to suffer with me; but, on the other hand, the LORD in His infinite wisdom and mercy, has chosen her to be part of this process and He knows better. And, He has made me realize that if she was not part of this, I would have lost it long back.


In these 12 years, God has also given me a wonderful family. Great parents-in-law (is that even a word???), a good sister and two wonderful kids along with my loving wife. So, I was thanking Lord for that when I suddenly wondered, “But, why did God give me to them?”. I mean, I was a horrible husband, a meddlesome son-in-law, a condescending brother and over-sensitive parent. So, why did God give me to them? I hope, it is not to punish them.Crying face

With a grateful heart, as I thanked the LORD for these glorious 12 years, I asked Him to mould me in anyway He wants, but make me a good husband to my wife, better son to my parents, an understanding brother to my sister and a loving parent to my kids. Lord, thank You for these 12 years and looking forward for the days that are in Your right hand. Praise be to You alone. Amen.


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