All these things…

All these things are against me. – Genesis 42:36

When I was growing up, I was fascinated with the patriarch Abraham. Isaac did not intrigue one way or other; Jacob, sort of hated him. So, it bothered me that the Lord repeatedly calls us, the believers, as Jacob, or sons of Jacob. But the more I meditate on the Bible, two things are very clear.

1. I am more like Jacob, with all his faults and criminal brain. Not surely Isaac, the meditating and less talkative patriarch. Not Abraham, the great patriarch, the friend of God. But with my flaws, and sullen outbursts, I am more like Jacob.

2. And God loves me; loves me a lot more than I can understand. Timages (1)he love and grace He had showered on Jacob, He showers on me, too. Now, I am slowly understanding why the LORD calls me Jacob, or sons of Jacob.

Though none of the things that Jacob assumed were happening, he strongly felt that all these things were against him. Oh, how many times I had thought so, that everyone, including the LORD Himself, had turned against me, and was later ashamed to realize that I had been thinking toooooooo much of myself.

But has the LORD been against me? I have to admit that I am guilty of thinking that the Lord has forsaken me, that His right hand is up against me. May the LORD forgive me of my blasphemies.

Even before Jacob was born, our Lord God in His tender mercies, had chosen him over his brother Esau. (Romans 9:11-13). Though Jacob was not the first-born, the Lord gave him the inheritance of his father Isaac. When he ran away from his brother’s wrath, he did not seek the Lord in prayer; he just slept. It was the God of Abraham and Isaac, Who appeared to him in a dream and made a promise unto him. When Laban tried to cheat him, God gave him counsel and helped him. When Laban followed with the intent of hurting Jacob, it was again the Lord Almighty who warned Laban not to harm Jacob in anyway. How can we forget the all-night wrestling match God had with an old and withering Jacob? In everything, if anything, all these things were working for Jacob.

And I am not the best of my family. There are some well-educated, some well-behaved, some morally upright persons in my family. Yet, in His mercies the LORD has chosen me to be His child. Jesus Christ, the First-born of God our Father, gave up His inheritance for me. When I ran towards the world, I did not seek the Lord, for I was in deep sleep (figuratively), yet He made a promise to me, that He would never leave me nor forsake me; and till to this day, He has been true to His promise. When the world tried to cheat me, the Spirit of God gave me wisdom and the direction to walk in, and He became my strength to walk in those directions. When the world came up against me, the Lord became my Protector and saved me from its wrath.

Oh, how ungrateful I have been to accuse God of against me!!! Oh, Lord, forgive me for accusing of such vile things. Help me to know Your will and make me understand that You are in charge of everything that is happening around me. May Your Name alone be praised. Through Christ, Amen.


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