Lose to gain

Joseph’s gone, Simeon’s gone, and now you want to take Benjamin. – Genesis 42:36 (MSG)

In his depression, Jacob sees that everything was working against him and he blames his sons for his misfortunes. Then he lists two things that had happened already and one more thing that was going to happen as evidence to his misfortunes.

But what Jacob did not realize that El Shaddai, God Almighty, according to His plan, made Joseph the ruler of Egypt, so that Jacob could spend his old days in the prosperity of Goshen, in the embrace of his beloved son Joseph.

Just like Jacob, in our depression, we may list all the things that we have lost. But, dear friend, if God is on our side, trust that all things work for the good of those who love Him. Believe in Immanuel, Who saves the best for the last.

1. Joseph is gone.

Joseph, the beloved son, had to go, if Jacob had to see the great works of our YHWH. Though Joseph looks so perfect, there were some minor imperfections in him that had to go out of his system, if the LORD had to fulfil His purpose for Joseph. So, he had to be separated from his doting father and had to be purified by the Word of God till His Word was fulfilled.

Dear friend, probably you have lost something that is so dear to you. It could be a relative, a friend, a loved one; or a job or a possession that was so dear to you. But, believe that our loving Father is in the process of creating something far beyond our imagination. Don’t worry about your “Joseph”, for the Only Wise God is fulfilling His purpose in ways we cannot even fathom.


2. Simeon is gone.

Simeon, the angry, cunning son who was bent on taking revenge had to be put in prison, if cliparti1_anger-clipart_09Jacob had to see the great things God Almighty had done in the life of Joseph.

Yes, dear friend, our anger must go if we need to see the great blessings that the Lord has already prepared for us. Thoughts of bitterness and vengeance do not have any place in the Goshen that the Most High God has prepared for you. Our “Simeon” must be put in prison. We should never rely on him to get us out of tight spots. So, if you have to endure circumstances where you are very angry, but you are unable to pour out your wrath, then praise the LORD. Because Simeon must be in prison if you prosper in your life.

3. Benjamin must also go.

Benjamin, the son of right hand, had to go. The son on whom the aged patriarch was reliant upon. The backup for Joseph must go before Jacob could see the original beloved son, Joseph, attired in royal garments.

We all have our “Benjamins.” It could be that jewel you have, hoping to sell it when an unexpected expenditure comes. It could be a friend of yours who you trust with your life. It could be a savings you have, hoping that it will help you in your old age. It could be a son or a daughter who you are sure will take care of you. There is nothing wrong in any of them, but when the Holy God takes your Benjamin away, thank Him, for your blessing is nearer than you think.


May the LORD Who prepared the Goshen area for his aging patriarch, will also prepare a place of rest and comfort for you, who have suffered so much in your life. Amen in Christ.


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