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Lessons from ICU. 2. Your name means nothing

“Attender for Battery Benz Car! Attender for Battery Benz Car! Please report immediately.” Where would you hear such an announcement? In a Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facility? Or in an Auto Expo Fair? What if I said that both answers are totally wrong. And if you thought about the miniature cars that are battery operated, you would be wrong again!

My first day at ICU, I was told that there were a number of scans that had to be taken to find the cause of my sickness. After waiting for my attender to arrive for a while, the nurses finally wheeled me out of the ICU. As we were waiting for the elevator to arrive, the security guard who was there was the one who was making this announcement: “Attender for Battery Benz Car, please report immediately”.

As I was wondering why a security guard at the ICU of a hospital is seeking the attender for a battery operated Benz car, he turned around and told the nurses that he had been calling the attender for a while and no one had arrived. Then he asked, “But who would name their child as Battery Benz Car, anyway?”

It was then it dawned upon me that the security guard was actually calling out my name – Patric Benziher in a very localized fashion. Even in that weakened state, I could not help but smile, and I told him, “It is not Battery Benz Car; it is Patric Benziher.” The sheepish look on the security guard was priceless.

And the nurses at the ICU heard about this and did not risk calling out my name after that. I just became Bed No: 2. And in that moment I realized, in this big world, where everyone is so busy, your name means nothing.

But then, billions and billions of people have lived from the days of Adam till today, and God willing, may follow. Yet, the Lord of the universe, knows us by our names. And there is no mistakes in the way He calls out our names. For He declares, “You are Mine.” How awesome is His love for us! How great and unfathomable is His grace upon us, that God knows us by our names and He calls us by our names!

Yes, in this world, our names may not mean much to people outside our circle, but to the Creator, to the King of kings, our names are precious; He knows us by our names and even now, He calls us by our names! We are precious in His eyes and that is all that matters.



Lessons from the ICU. 1. Doctors can be so wrong

As my heart beat went racing on July 8th, I was taken to a doctor in my hometown. He is a physician I respect a lot. But on that day, he did not recognize me as I was overweight by 55 kgs. And with all the perspiration and all that, he looked at me with disgust and was not even ready to take a look at my condition. He asked me to get out of his office as he does not deal with “patients who are about to die.” But then my breathing became too erratic and I was unable to move. So he gave me two injections to reduce my pain and sent me off.

But then he called my father-in-law, a 78 year old God-fearing servant of God, and told him not to waste time and money by taking me to any place for treatment as there was neither time nor hope left for me to survive. He told another believer who accompanied me to make arrangements for my funeral as I might be alive for only another two hours because of the injections he had given, but after that, it is surely a gone case.

Two hours later, I was admitted to the Emergency Ward and the John 11.4physician there had given my wife only a mere 10% of my survival. Even that was against all hopes. So he had cautioned her not to expect any good news.

One hour later, the same physician looked at me and with a bewildered look, asked me: “You scared all of us and we are still scratching our heads here, wondering what has happened to you. But here you are, sitting in the emergency ward, with such a huge smile in your face. Okay, that is a good sign. So keep smiling.”

Why was I smiling after being so close to death? Why did not my wife and her father panic when given such bad news? Because when I started becoming sick, we prayed and the LORD promised us John 11:4. “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”

I respect doctors and physicians. But they have only so much power and authority. But my life is hidden in Christ Who has all the power and authority. And finally as Ron Kenoly asked, whose report will I believe… yes, I shall believe the report of the LORD.

Whose report
Will you believe?
We shall believe
The report of the Lord

His report says I am healed
His report says I am filled
His report says I am free
His report says victory

Are you healed?
Are you filled?
Have you got the victory?

John 11_4

Through the valley of the shadow of death…

July 8th morning was a beautiful morning for me as I got up at 4:30 in perfect peace, singing praises of the LORD. I was filled with the presence of the Lord and the peace of our Lord Jesus that transcends all human understanding, filled me. Soon, I left for a little check up regarding my ailment and little did I know, that it was going to be one of the worst nightmares of my life.

My breathing became erratic and I was not even able to get into a vehicle without suffocating. Even in the ambulance, I had to sit in the front seat and one physician even refused to attend me, as he did not see any hope of me surviving.

Finally I was rushed to SRM Medical College and Hospital Emergency Ward and, as I was later told by few nurses and physicians, they had never seen a case like mine. As I was entering the emergency ward, I was unable to get out of the wheel chair as my weight had ballooned from 70 kgs in May to 125 kgs in less than two months. Five men were required to shift me from the wheel chair to the bed.

Every specialist was arguing what could have gone wrong with me. “It is the heart. It is a sure sign of cardiac arrest”, said one. Another said, “No, no, I am pretty sure it is his lungs. I think they have collapsed.” “What are you both talking about? All these symptoms clearly indicate that his kidneys are damaged”, said another. I was hearing all these, but I was not in a position to respond.

Then I felt someone squeezing my hand gently and saw my beautiful wife standing next to me. I was thinking that she may be in tears after hearing all these, but she is much better and tougher than that. She smiled at me gently and said, “Don’t listen to all they talk. They still don’t know anything. But God has said that He will be with you. So, nothing is wrong with your body.”

One week of check ups in the Intensive Care Unit and then another 12 days in Special Ward, and after innumerable blood tests and scans, to their bewilderment, the specialists had to accept that all my organs are working perfectly and there is nothing wrong with my body. Even now, they are not sure what caused my condition so severe on July 8th. But the LORD had promised me that if I drink in this bitter cup, He will protect my body as well as organs without any damage. And, He is true to His promise. I walked through the shadow of the valley of death. And I did not have to fear, for the LORD was with me. With His rod and His staff, He comforted me. Praise the LORD.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. – Psalms 23:4