Lessons from ICU. 3. Bruised egos and piercings

As I was lying in the emergency ward with oxygen mask and lots of tubes or wires, I am not sure what they were, were attached to my chest, I heard the in-charge-physician telling the technicians to get some blood from my body to get some tests done.

Though I was in a serious condition, I was able to realize that among the technicians, there is an ego clash between a male technician and a female technician. It was also obvious that not long back, they were close friends or more than friends, but they don’t talk to each other. I praise the LORD that they did not hate each other, or I don’t know what would have happened to me that day. They had some ego problems and were pulling each one’s legs through their friends.

Anyway, as the physician asked to get blood out of my body, both the boy and the girl wanted to get it done, but it was the girl who got the tool kit first. So, with a grumble, the boy left. The girl felt very satisfied with this “great” victory and boasted how one must be alert in their job like she is. But I don’t think she realized what a big mistake that was till she started to search for a blood vessel in my body, suffering with edema. It was almost impossible to find a blood vessel in my hands, and she tried her best. She kept piercing here and there, but nothing… except water.

After 15 minutes, she gave up and left. As soon as she left, I heard a chuckle from the other side of the curtain and the boy emerged with a happy look in his face. He told the other technicians, that being alert alone is not enough, but you should know how to do the job too. He asked all them to watch how a master does his work and, yes, all this for injecting a needle in my body and taking some blood out. Once he started to search for the blood vessel, he realized his folly. But his ego would not let him accept his mistake. So for next 20 minutes, he kept piercing here and there in my hands and it was very painful. Finally once he was sure that the girl was not around, he said that no one could get blood out of my body and left.

Few minutes later, the girl came back and asked the other technicians if that boy was able to get blood sample from my body. When she found out that he also failed, she felt very invigorated. She told the other technicians there that she would prove that boy wrong by managing to get blood of out of my body. Then the pricking started. Since she was determined to get blood, she did not care how much pain it was causing me. She kept pricking here and there with so much force, it really hurt me. Finally, I called her out, “Madam”. She looked at me with disdain and asked, “What?” I asked her with a genuine smile: “In your ego clash, you both are not going to puncture my entire body, right?” All the technicians assembled there could not control themselves and erupted in laughter. Only then the girl realized her mistake and with a sheepish look, apologized and told the physician that they were not able to get any blood out of me, and only water was coming out.

Just few pricking here and there. Only waterJesus-on-the-cross-about-to-be-pierced-with-a-spear-610x352 came out and I was complaining. Yet, Jesus was pierced for our transgressions. His arms that saved us from the powers of this world were nailed to the Cross, because of our sins. His beautiful feet that brought the Gospel unto a dying world was nailed to the Cross. And even after He was dead, His loving heart was pierced and blood and water came out. Jesus gave everything up for us. Yet, He never complained. Yet, He never accused us, even when we went astray. His eyes are filled with compassion and love for us. How amazing is His love for us! The more we meditate on His love, the more we realize how unfathomable the depths, heights and width of His love! Let us be filled with His love, for He was pierced for our transgressions. 

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