Lessons from ICU. 7. Curiosity and Eternity

As I was spending my first night in ICU on July 8th, I was sort of jumpy. Even the smallest disturbance was waking me up. So, it was not a surprise that I woke up at 4 in the morning, when I realized my bed was being moved. Initially I was given the last bed in the ICU and they were shifting my bed so that as soon as the ICU doors were opened, I would be the first person anyone who enters would see. In my slumber, I asked the nurses why they were shifting me to this position and why at that hour; I was told that they were given instructions so that I could be monitored easily. I understood that since I was in a serious condition, they wanted to keep an eye on me all the time. Four hours later, I realized how wrong I was in my understanding.

Around 8 AM, the medical students, interns and various specialists started to arrive and suddenly I was the cynosure of everyone there. The cardiologists were sure that my heart was failing and hence, the edema attack happened. The nephrologists were very confident that it was the failure of kidneys that lead to my condition. The regular physician was adamant that I had taken some country medicine that resulted in an allergic reaction; another physician was sure that I was bitten by a poisonous insect.

Every specialist had an entourage around him, with interns and students who wanted to impress the specialist. So, everyone suggested the tests and scans that must be done to determine the cause of my sickness. Then the specialist would approach me and would ask me a couple of questions in a very serious tone, making it cleat that he is “the specialist.” Once that specialist leaves with his group, the next one would arrive with his group and everything would be repeated again – tests and scans that must be done, questions asked in a serious tone and so on. From 8 AM, this went on till 11:30 AM. By then, I was exhausted. But I was not allowed to rest, as I had to take all the tests and scans that were recommended by the interns and students. By evening, I was too tired. Then one of the nurses assured me that the next day, July 10th, being the second Sunday of the month, and is a day off for all the medical staff, I would have a very relaxing day. birds-tough-untasted-sit-throat-back-cat-sparrow-funny-nature-bird-ground-curiosity-hq-animals-pictures-for-desktop-736x460

But then there were some eager beavers, who wanted to impress their bosses, and score some brownie points, and they showed up on Sunday. They would ask the same questions that the specialists asked, except in a very friendly tone, with a smile – as if the sole purpose of their visit is my well-being. Except, it was more of a nuisance, as it was a Sunday, they kept coming in whenever they wanted. They would wake me up and ask if I had any trouble sleeping – seriously.

When July 11th, Monday, arrived, I was prepared for the onslaught. All the test and scan results had arrived. The specialists and their entourage would talk seriously among themselves and then ask me the same questions again, but there was nothing new. I was disturbed, but not as much as I was bothered on Saturday. By evening, I came to know that all my tests and scans have shown that there was nothing wrong with any of my organs. It was nothing but edema, and there were nothing dramatic, like a failing heart or a collapsed lung, attached with it.

Then Tuesday arrived. No one bothered to even look at me. The group would come, look at the fresh patients at ICU, would just pass by me, when the specialist would say to the group, “Oh, this is that edema patient” and they would nod their heads in agreement and that is all. At times, there might be a weakest link in that entourage, who would look at me and smile weakly. But that was all.

It took them just 72 hours to quench their curiosity about me. They had learned whatever they wanted to learn about me, and that was not quite interesting to them. So, they lost their interest and did not even care about me after that.

Contrast this with God’s care about us. It took those people 72 hours to lose interest in me. But God knew about me before the universe was created. The LORD knows everything about us from time eternal. Yet, He has not lost a bit of interest in us. The Most Sovereign LORD cares about us today as He did when He created the earth so that we can live here safely. And He is preparing for us mansions to stay, with the same care. Time has not eroded His interest in us or His care for us.

Once the medical professionals learned whatever they wanted to learn about me, they lost interest in me. It is not that they learned everything about me. Just those things that pertain to their field of study. But look at God. HE knows everything about us. Not just the “spiritual” things. God knows everything about us. There is nothing hidden from His eyes. All our thoughts, words, deeds, everything is known to Him. There are no surprises for Him. Yet, His interests in us has not changed a bit. With the same interest that He had on us when He decided where we would be born, what would be our hair colour, who would be our parents and all other details, our loving Father in Heaven is looking at all the smaller and greater details with interest.

Because God’s interest in us is not because of any curiosity or intrigue in us; for He knows everything about us. His interest in us is because He loves us. And there is nothing on earth that we can compare with His love. No human being or pets can love you like this. This is the love of Heavenly Father. This is the love of our Father Who gave up His only Son for us, even though He knew everything about us; though we have no surprises to make Him glad. For this love can not be understood by humans. This is the love of God. The love of Almighty. We can only cherish it. And cherish it, we can, for eternity.



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