Lessons from ICU. 9. Your life is not a “case” for God

In the previous blog, I mentioned about how the nurses saved an old man’s life when I was in the ICU. However, there was something that bothered me a little.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe what the nurses did that day, and in general, what they do to be very noble and I have utmost respect for them. This is just an observation I wanted to share.

As the old man next to me was going into shock, my breakfast was served. Generally they serve breakfast by 7 am. But that day, due to some misunderstanding, they forgot to give me my breakfast and it was already 9 am. I was very tired by then and it was by looking at how tired I was, they realized that they had not given breakfast to me. But when the breakfast was served, the patient next to me, went into shock and I had already written about how the nurses saved his life.

During that time, I did not eat my breakfast, as I felt it was inhumane on my part to be eating while another human being was struggling for his life next to me. But the nurse who was in charge of me, while working on that patient, noticed that I was not eating and she came up and told me to eat my breakfast. When I told that I would wait for the treatment to the patient to finish, she told, “Don’t worry about that. Just eat your breakfast.”

Still I could not bring myself to eat. After another minute or two, the nurse saw that I was not still eating and she told the head nurse about this. The head nurse came to me and in a stern voice, said, “Eat your breakfast now. We don’t want to deal with two cases at the same time.”

Two cases. Only then, I realized that for the nurses there, we were “cases” to be taken care of. Once again, what they do is noble. I also understand that being a nurse, they would be seeing so many patients and they should not be emotionally involved in every case. As a result, they have become inured to emotions.

Now contrast that with God. How many billions He had seen dying? And how many more billions will pass away before the end of the world? Yet, for Him, your life matters. No matter who you are, how weak you are, how unimportant you think of yourself, your life matters to God. Your life is not a “case” to be dealt with. For the Creator of all life, your life matters so much.

No matter how many deaths had happened, no matter how many promising lives have passed away without fulfilling their destiny, God has not lost hope in your life. Your life matters to Him. Whether the plan He has for you is great or small, whether the impact you will create may last forever or may be ephemeral, you matter to God.

For a bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench. – Isaiah 42:3

Bruised reed


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