100th day

Tomorrow (October 16th 2016) will be the 100th day since the Lord saved my life from going down the pit. With gratitude, I thank and praise our God for His deliverance. But one question kept coming back to my mind. Why did He save me?

What I mean is, the suffering I endured was so severe, I don’t wish it on even my worst enemies. It was a horrible experience. Yet, when our Lord Jesus Christ saved me, though I am grateful, there were times, in the last 100 days, my conduct was not pleasing even to my eyes. I can give many excuses why I could not spend as much time as possible with God; but on the other hand, I have one reason – God saved my life. Every single moment I live, it is because He decided to save me. So, 1000 excuses can not win the argument.

So, now I know for sure, that I was delivered, not because I am a good person (obviously I am not), but because the God we serve is good; He is compassionate, gracious and slow to anger. And He loves to forgive sins. Oh, how amazing His love is!

I am more grateful than ever today… more grateful than I was 100 days before. Because then He delivered me from my death bed; but now I am tasting more and more how good our Lord is… Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Holy Spirit!



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  1. because HE loves, such grace. happy 100th day

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