A meditation

In the Gospel according to Mark, 14:51 talks about a young man who followed our Lord as He was arrested by the soldiers. And when a soldier spotted him and held on to his garment, the young man ran, leaving the garment aside; and he obviously was not wearing anything inside and hence, ran naked. And there are many arguments about who that naked young man is. The most common interpretation is that the young man was Mark himself. I am going to go with that interpretation for this one.


In Acts 12:12, we see that Peter, being freed from the prison by Divine Providence, came to the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark, the evangelist. And many people were praying there for the release of Peter.

As I was meditating on this, I was surprised to realize that many people had gathered in the house of the mother of a young man, who on that night when the Lord was arrested, ran away naked; and they were praying for a man, who on that same night, denied our Lord thrice. Yet, the Lord heard their prayers and delivered Peter. And Mark went on to write the very first Gospel and became very useful assistant to Peter, the Apostle to Jews and to Paul, the Apostle to Gentiles.

Prayer prevails. It does not matter what your past holds; it may have some dramatic failures or abject humiliations. But are you ready to surrender yourself to the Lord and pray to Him? Then He will surely fulfill His purpose for you and will use you in ways that you can never imagine. So, no matter what your past history has against you, pray continually.



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