A revelation

I am grateful that the Lord saved my life from death. But the Lord kept speaking to me about the certain death that awaited me, roughly 15 weeks ago. To be honest, I was grateful, but I don’t think I understood the seriousness of the evil that was coming up against me. 

Today morning, I was reading a sermon by Spurgeon, based on John 5:9 (Sermon #2568). In the sermon, Spurgeon had listed six miracles that our Lord Jesus Christ did on Sabbath days. One of the miracles was healing a man with dropsy (Luke 14:1-6). While I have read my Bible in Tamil and know most of the diseases, I don’t read my English Bible as much as I should. So, I didn’t know what disease this ‘dropsy’ is and made a mental note to look at this disease after today’s service. But as I read a little further, Spurgeon mentioned about a man he met, who was suffering from dropsy and few days later, that man was dead. And what the man had mentioned about his disease, suddenly opened my eyes and I realized that dropsy is edema. And honest to God, I didn’t know that the disease itself is fatal till this morning.

 As I searched further and asked few questions on the internet, the summary of the replies I got was one of astonishment – that I survived without any medication for more than 30 days, considering how severe I was affected. One physician even said that it has to be a miracle, as from the symptoms and the photographs I showed, the disease must have surely killed me.

It was only then I realized why the physician in my town was so sure of my death in the next two hours on that morning and why the chief doctor at the emergency ward asked my wife to be ready for the worst. I also remembered one Christian nurse telling me that in the seven years she has been working at the emergency ward, she had never seen a case like mine before and how amazed all the staff working at the hospital were, that I survived.

Just then, my wife came upstairs with the morning tea and was initially worried to see me sitting there with tears in my eyes. Then I explained what I just read, and with a grateful heart, we praised our Lord. May His Name alone be glorified.



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