Scent of water

Yet at  the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant. – Job 14:9

As I was preparing for last Sunday’s worship, I went to sleep after meditating on Job 33:23, “If there is a messenger for him, a Mediator, One among a thousand, to show man His uprightness…”. In the morning, I woke up and as I started preparing for the worship, I realized I was humming a song. And it was a hymn or a song of praise, but a song from a Tamil movie, that too a movie that got released 52 years back, way before I was born. I was stunned and wondered why I even remembered this song, as I have tried my best to leave all movie songs behind me. Then I realized it was because of the Biblical verse I was meditating on. There is a phrase in that verse: One among a thousand. Why would it remind me of an old Tamil movie song? Because the name of that old movie was “Aayirathil oruvan”, which means “One among a thousand”.

The old man, though crucified with Christ, is still not dead. All he needs is the scent of water, he will bud and bring forth branches like a plant. Just a little scent of water is all he needs. 



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